Layup Series

Who: All Players

How: Start with ball in shooting hand. Have a low center of gravity with all the weight on pivot foot, Eyes up, Chin up, Chest up. To begin the movement, Vertical Drop, push off back foot, followed immediately by pushing off plant leg towards the elbow (two intense pushing actions!), planting heel first. Dribble ball and foot at the same time and keep pushing! Not as easy as it looks!

Addition Information:

  • Only use one hand on the ball through the movement and keep the ball in front of you
  • The last step before shooting a layup, players need to convert the horizontal movement to a vertical jump
  • Do not use the backboard
  • Catch ball directly out of the net

Why: This series is foundational for how we move as basketball players, especially with the ball in hand.

Workout: Once warm, complete 3-5 makes in each direction. In between changing directions, shoot two free throws to slow heart rate and recover. Execute each stage in order (order is important and intentional).