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Movement Series

Course Details
  • One type of movement for everyone – Dynamic balance is universal. Here at the Shooting Guy, our purpose will be to build dynamic balance skills. Using the Vertical Drop and other techniques, your ability to move on time, on balance, in posture and connected will be dramatically enhanced. These skills translate to all facets of your play, not just on the offensive end.
  • Vertical Drop – The Vertical Drop is one of the foundations of our balance and movement program and is, arguably, the most important thing we can learn relative to competitive movement. The Vertical Drop incorporates dropping into perfect balance and lowering center of gravity.
  • Eyes Up, Chin Up, Chest Up – These three concepts are integral to our movement practice. This allows us to establish proper posture during movement and helps us process the game through seeing, which is only possible with Eyes Up, Chin Up, Chest Up. Remember, your body goes where your eyes lead.