• Situation Overview – So here we are; tied at 115. Blazers Damian Lillard about 38 ft out with 12 seconds left against OKC in closeout game in first round.
  • Description of the situation/move – Clever thing Dame does here. He waves like he is calling for screener. This may put a thought in Paul’s head that something is coming. He works the clock down (how many of you thought he was losing track of the time!) in the spot he wants. Dame goes in to the quick side step to the right. Starting the move at 1.8 or so, hits the dagger!
  • What we like about this situation/how to add/replicate in your game – First, his skill set and all the work he did on pick up of dribble, balance and quickness on side step and increasing his range over the summer. The other thing about this play for Dame is he possesses no doubt or thought. He KNOWS this shot is going up, so his mind is clear. 
  • What The Shooting Guy tools to use to accomplish this move and add it to your game – Here are the drills that will help; Dribble hop shot to promote proper pick up, hip tap to help with connection for leverage, 1-2-through to properly transfer energy into the ball for long distance and balance and turn drills from the movement series. 

Tons of work went in to the opportunity to take and make this shot. Every basketball player dreams about that situation. Are you the next one to do the work he did to get in that situation for your team? We’ll help you get there.