Question: How do I improve shooting off the catch? 

  • The important concepts of shooting off the catch is early preparation and efficiency in movement. Moving at one level, same as we will shoot from. 
  • How to solve/answer this question ? 
  • It’s important to understand is how to receive the ball. Our goal is to “catch the ball with our feet”. What this means is, when possible, we get our lead foot directly under the ball when our hands contact the catch. 
  • Then push into the catch as the second foot meets floor (or both in jump stop). This creates a connected catch into the 1 move/spot. 
  • Start the ball first, before the body moves up. This will allow energy transfer into the ball. 
  • Jump through the release, hold follow through where you want the ball to fly and stick the landing. 
  • Which videos should I watch to learn more?
  • Follow the shooting principles of the Momentum hot. Use the 1-2- through method of shooting for fastest release. Then practice at SPEED.