Persistence and Belief

Someone forgot to tell the LA Clippers that their series is over. Last night’s game became one of the great stories in sport, because the Clippers had persistence and belief. The Clippers overcame the largest deficit in NBA playoff history against the defending World Champs.

So how does something like this happen? Let’s talk persistence and belief. The Clippers roster is filled with tremendous stories. I want to highlight three: Patrick Beverley, Montrezl Harrell and Lou Williams. These players are incredible examples of persistence and belief. In spite of numerous roadblocks, these guys believed the belonged. They knew that they could outwork and out compete anyone. Patrick has been discarded by other teams, built his game overseas and forced his way in to being this version of himself. Montrezl has always been considered too small, not good enough, not skilled enough. He simply refused to believe it. He brings the same junkyard dog mentality that Beverley does.

Lou Williams built his game from a second-round draft pick out of high school to the all-time leading scorer off the bench in NBA. He’s now 2x Sixth Man of the Year (about to be 3x!). Sweet Lou GETS BUCKETS! All of these guys show Persistence and Belief.

So, imagine how much belief The Clippers needed to pull off that win last night?!! This comes from a lifetime of creating the habits of never giving in. These are championship habits from the types of players that will lift the trophy at the end of these playoffs. Habits are created daily and built into the fiber of these players. The Clippers probably won’t win it all, but they do show us the way of champions. With persistence and belief, teams and players can create memories and demonstrate the will to win and overcome.

Qualities that are great for all of us.