Let’s watch the NBA playoffs with a word we use all the time here at The Shooting Guy: CONNECTION

We know how important connection is for our jump shots and movement. What we will see during the playoffs is about culture and team CONNECTION. Team connection goes to the idea of the Why. Why teams are playing, why we compete and why we fight for something greater than ourselves. When our Why is connected to our teammates, brothers, staff and organization, greatness awaits. The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

Where does connection show for teams? Let’s take the example of the Brooklyn Nets V Philadelphia 76ers series. I have a friend on staff that asked who I thought it would be better for them to play. Without hesitation, I said my preference would be the 76ers (For their seed, it was Sixers or Raptors). My reasoning is that Philly is the less connected team.

Connected teams play for each other. They make plays for their brothers. They hold each other accountable, acknowledge mistakes and greatness, recognize the game and inspire each other. This is where greatness is. Watch how the players cheer and celebrate each other. Watch the team huddles and the interactions. There will be intensity, yelling, and emotion. Those things will help a team achieve great things when connected. When connection is lacking insenity becomes divisive, finger pointing and blame games.

When talent is close, CONNECTION WINS.