Toronto Raptors are going to the NBA Finals. This will be an exciting and interesting series for many reasons. First, the environments and passion in these buildings with their respective fan bases will be amazing. Toronto is one of the most dedicated and raucous crowds in all of basketball. 

These two teams are excellent on many levels. The Warriors have shown much to arrive at a 5th straight Finals. The Raps have built and dealt their team to excellence. I think the Raptors bring the best player to this series in Kawhi Leonard. There is not a more complete player in the game these days. He has been slightly overlooked because of missing a season to injury and being in Toronto. The Warriors bring the best shooting backcourt on history in The Splash Brothers. 

As fast as people think the Warriors play, The Raptors play faster. What will be interesting to see is Toronto will be able to play to their strengths in this series, where they could not against Milwaukee. The Warriors will play with a chip on their shoulder, trying to prove their greatness without KD. The Raptors have their own thing to prove. The series will be played with great skill, high IQ, and vicious competitiveness. Star power is here, but as we always know, there will be great stories of players unexpected.