There are a great many choices out there for you to help build your skills in almost every area of endeavor in your life. There are language programs, computer training, sports training. The list goes on and on. So what is it that helps us choose which way to go for our individual needs?

Let’s answer this question, partially, with another question. Am I training my skills, or am I learning? There is a great difference between teaching and learning. Similarly, there is a big difference between teachers and trainers. While there are elements of both present in each other, it is important that we can choose which is most important to our needs.

Trainers help practice and drill your skills, sometimes in the hope that you will learn a skill better through sheer repetition. Teachers will teach you why you’re doing what you’re doing, how exactly to do it, as well as drill your new learnings into a skill.

Would you ever go to a piano and start practicing on it without knowing how to make it work? You wouldn’t for very long because the noise would drive you and everyone around you crazy! The same applies to the game of basketball. Training will be great once we’ve learned why, what and how we’re supposed to do something. Teachers help you understand the details of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Here at The Shooting Guy we go through the process of helping you to understand WHY. It is important for you to know why, to remove doubt when challenged. The same applies to HOW and WHAT. Our goal at The Shooting Guy is to provide you with the most biomechanically sound, physiologically and psychologically beneficial program possible. We want you to learn what you want to do, why you want to do it and how to do it the same way the best players in the world do.