Raise The Level

One of the great things about the playoffs is the beauty of what the completion creates and exposes. As the games get more critical, we see the true measure of teams and individuals alike. The first round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs has already been full of great stories, character revealing and, my favorite, raising the level.

The competition has FORCED players and teams to Raise Their Level. Even in defeat, we see teams force the other to up their game. Orlando forced Toronto to bring their best in Game 2. We saw the Raptors bring the level of intensity that is required of champions. Last night, The Pacers brought out what most people have been waiting to see from the Celtics all season.

Then, I think the part that fans really love to see, is the elevation of the game’s greatest players. We get to see why the stars are considered the stars. Watching the intensity and commitment that Giannis plays with is beautiful to see. People are now remembering why Kawhi Leonard may be the best player in the world. Everyone loves watching “playoff” Kyrie, and this is just in the East!

Let’s watch what level these teams reach and appreciate what comes out of it for everyone.