If you are in the beginning of your basketball life, we will be able to get you on the right track quickly and simply. You’ll be able to build the right footwork, handwork and posture as it relates to balanced movement. You’ll learn the proper mechanics (mechanics that have been misunderstood for years!) of your shot, your footwork and balance, and your movement. This will all relate to your ability to play better basketball, to shoot better, to handle the ball better, to cut better, and to be more explosive! All of these principals translate to the defensive end as well. We enable you to progress at the speed of your work/commitment and to develop correct, long term fundamentals that will last for your entire basketball life.

If you are well down the road of your basketball career, we will be able to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in order to get you on a permanent track of improvement. Our team will direct you to the quickest corrections to speed along your improvement. We teach proper balance, great posture, and an understanding of the relationship between the body and ball. Your improvement will be experienced in shooting, passing, ball handling, defense, quickness and power. Once you understand the principles imparted here, you will be ale to use these tools and fundamentals to lead yourself to be the best possible player you can be.
If you are on the edge of your ultimate goals in your basketball life, we can help you get yourself over the top! We have had great success at The Shooting Guy with players in this very category. We have had the pleasure of taking NBA players from minimum salaries to multi million dollar deals. We have helped make high school athletes into college players at all levels. We have developed college level athletes into pros. It is SIMPLE, but it isn’t be EASY! It will be up to you.

Our goal at The Shooting Guy is get you to be your best teacher. For you to understand what you want to do and exactly how to do it. HERE WE GO!