Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for reaching another NBA Finals. It has been an interesting run this season and the playoffs have been a challenge of identity for them. With KD going down to an injury against the Rockets, it became clear again who would have the will and connection to win. 

For the second year in a row, The Warriors showed the competitive character and connected will to win on their terms. The Warriors have a winning identity. The Rockets had the series on their terms. Going back home to force a game 7 when, this year, the Warriors had the big injury. We could all see, again, the difference in the style and identity of the 2 teams.

Frequently in the game of basketball, the elements of true winning get overlooked. It is not the glamour of talent but the grit of champions. The ones that dig in for the stop or come up with the 50/50 ball. The Leaders (like Draymond Green) elevate their teams to do thing “winning things”. The Warriors are the best communicators and most connected team in crunch time in the West. Once again, they will get to show their will against the best in the East.