Bringing it out

As the first-round progresses, it is so exciting to see what playoff pressure brings out for players and teams. Teams were challenged in the first games, players struggled, upsets happened. What are their responses? I’m watching the Nuggets vs Spurs and the Nuggets are getting a true sense of what the playoffs require. The level of detail, the intensity, the focus, the increased level of communication, and the demand for digging deep and bringing out your best. Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic have all been put on the spot by this very good Spurs team.

What are you made of? Can you do what’s required? The young and inexperienced Nuggets are being asked questions. Jamal Murray, Jokic and the Nuggets are responding.

In every series, the questions continue. What adjustments you must make? What levels you must reach to get a win? How deep must you dig? The level of belief, intensity and togetherness that is required here is incredible.

Players, teams and coaches must band together, ignore the pundits and the NOISE. With this highest level demanded from all, it is the reason all who watch are so attached to Playoffs. All those that share in stories each day, those that become historical, the moments everyone remembers, love the emotion and intensity that is brought out from everyone.

Let’s all enjoy these transcendent moments!