Basketball is taught backwards pure and simple. The nature of the game and the way players begin to play forces players to reverse engineer an end result. A child walks up to a parent and says “I want to learn how to play basketball” so the first thing people do, is hand them a ball…

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This is problematic. We now have a child or young person that doesn’t know how to move the ball around. They know, in a basic sense, how to move their bodies around, so new players moves their body around the ball. Picture the first behind the back dribble you ever made, or the first between the legs dribble ever, pretty funny huh? This demonstrates the backwards nature of how we learn. Not only is this learning structure detrimental to our future success, it creates mechanisms that must be overcome/disassembled at a later time. Much of my time spent with even my highest level athletes is spent unteaching incorrect habits.

What we’ve learned is how to move our bodies around the ball where in actuality we want to accomplish the opposite. We want to learn how to move our bodies efficiently and then attach the implement (in this case a basketball) to our bodies. This is true for all sports.

Our movement program will help everyone have better balance and understand what things should happen, and when! We call this proper sequencing. We will show you the “how” the “when” and the “where”. We break down the game into meaningful segments that build upon themselves. We will bring you into the most modern and scientific understanding of what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and how to teach and learn it.

We are excited to join you on this journey to greatness!