GSW Finals Again

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for reaching another NBA Finals. It has been an interesting run this season and the playoffs have been a challenge of identity for them. […]

We The North

Toronto Raptors are going to the NBA Finals. This will be an exciting and interesting series for many reasons. First, the environments and passion in these buildings with their respective […]


Trust TRUST. As playoff games go on, as series and games matter more, the quality of trust comes to the fore. When I teach and speak, I often use the […]

Raise The Level

Raise The Level One of the great things about the playoffs is the beauty of what the completion creates and exposes. As the games get more critical, we see the […]

Bringing it out

Bringing it out As the first-round progresses, it is so exciting to see what playoff pressure brings out for players and teams. Teams were challenged in the first games, players […]

That Guy

That Guy. The second day of the NBA Playoffs really showed the incredible impact of “that guy”. Each team with championship aspirations has one. The player that does it all […]

Our Program

Here at The Shooting Guy, our program is geared toward teaching students how to both move their bodies first, and how to move the ball around their bodies, in a […]

Have No Fear About Where You Start!

If you are in the beginning of your basketball life, we will be able to get you on the right track quickly and simply. You’ll be able to build the […]

Basketball is Taught Backwards

Basketball is taught backwards pure and simple. The nature of the game and the way players begin to play forces players to reverse engineer an end result. A child walks […]

Who is The Shooting Guy

My name is Rob Fodor aka The Shooting Guy and this is a culmination of my life’s work as it pertains to the sport of Basketball. I started speaking and […]


There are a great many choices out there for you to help build your skills in almost every area of endeavor in your life. There are language programs, computer training, […]