the alumni

Some of the notable players to work with The Shooting Guy

Over the years, I have seen a lot of practices and drills from high school coaches, college and NBA coaches, and in my book there is not a better coach than Rob Fodor.
Sam Singer – Israeli Premier League/NCAA
I was always looking for help advancing my game. I’ve never worked with anyone who broke down the game like Rob. High school, college or pro – Rob elevates you!
Ruth Riley – WNBA/NCAA Champ
My takeaways from Rob are body mechanics, shooting, and posture. I’ve become a +40% 3-point shooter, so I’m a living testament of his work.
Justise Winslow – NBA
It’s pretty amazing, you make that adjustment and see immediate results. He has a great knack for those things. He’s helped a lot of other guys too.
Goran Dragić – NBA